Club outdoor sessions start from Saturday, 18th July 2020. However there are strict procedures in place in order to adhere to Archery GB’s guidelines to shooting given the current Corvid-19 restrictions and to maintain the safety of our members.  The sessions are at our usual outdoor venue; Benfield School, Benfield Road, Newcastle, NE6 4NU.

For social distancing and other measures to adhere to for shooting, please refer to the Archery GB guide at

We have a booking system in place as you should only be on the field at Benfield for your booked slot. We have added Tuesday and Sunday to the usual times. This gives us 140 slots a week across 10 bosses set out on the field at fixed distances: 20m, 30m, 30m, 40m, 40m, 50m, 50m, 50m, 60m & 70m.

Please show respect for your fellow archers when selecting the distance to shoot at and shoot well within yourself. We are shooting in fixed time slots. We cannot allow time to be taken up looking for lost arrows. In addition many of us will not have shot for three months.

The current booking sheet with all the booking slots is on Google docs at this link. Everyone should be able to see it in their browser. This will tell you what is available at any point in time.

A slot can only go ahead if we have a field captain assigned. This table can be found at the top of the sheet. If we have no field captain we will have to cancel the slot, so please check before you set out.

You can book a session up to 2 weeks in advance. Sheets will be added as we go. You can only book 2 slots at any one time to give everyone a chance of shooting at a good time for them. 

To book a session send an email to with the following information in the subject line.

        Name date start-time distance(s)* CANCEL**

        Notes on the subject line format:

*If you need 2 bosses at different distances for different family members then add more distances to the subject line as indicated. However please note if a request can only be partially fulfilled we will not book any slots, all or nothing.

**If you want to cancel a slot add CANCEL at the end as indicated above.

Only one request per email please so we only need to read the subject line. This means we will not actually open the email unless you indicate otherwise. One of a small number of people reading these emails is the bottleneck for this process so please keep to the format.

We will try and keep on top of the emails so you should see you name appear in the schedule the same day as you send the email.

Slots will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.

If you can shoot in the early slot in the evenings in the week please try and do so and keep the evening slots free for those who can only shoot at those times.

Stay safe everyone.